Baked With Love……. Baglan Bakery

I love walking into Baglan bakery because you are immediately hit by the smell of freshly made cakes and delicious pastries, and you are always welcomed with a smile.  

Lisa made me a lovely cuppa and we proceeded to walk behind the scenes into the mother ship, upstairs into the cake room where all the magic happens. Straightaway I was surrounded by chocolate fudge, vanilla frosting and trays full of mouthwatering baked goods that were tempting me with each look!

Lisa started by telling me about how she and husband Darren run the bakery together along with their top tasters (their two children) and that the real love of her life was her dog called Teddy not forgetting to mention their 20 year old cat Dave which they thought was a boy until “she had kittens”. You really get the vibe that this is a family operation, and that caring approach really does come through in all that they do.

We then dived straight into our quickfire round. This is the part of the interview where we get to the nitty gritty of who Lisa really is…. really serious stuff!

Cats or dogs? Dogs (don’t let Dave hear)

Heels or flats? Heels

Smart or casual? Smart

Wine or cocktails? Wine

Restaurant or takeaway? Restaurants 

Saturday nights or Sunday mornings? Saturday nights (I sense the party girl in Lisa, ha!)

Now that we have got comfortable and left the formalities behind, we get started on what’s behind the curtain and how the magic happens

""You just can't switch off as I would hate to let anyone down!""

Why did you start the business?

Lisa used to work for a housing organisation but it soon became clear why she wanted to start her own business and run the bakery. Lisa told me of how she was inspired by her late Gran, who lived until she was 103! She was the one who taught Lisa how to bake and where her love of sweet treats came from. Lisa always dreamed of being her own boss in her own community and she feels she has found the perfect combination of both. 

Whilst speaking to Lisa I can see that there is no lack of ambition, and I can see the cogs turning in her head regarding future ideas and taking over the world with her baked goods. Lisa talked of how she would love to possibly open more stores whilst also setting up a wholesale business so that she can supply other like minded catering outlets with her fantastic freshly baked products.

The conversation moves quickly on to lessons learned in the past three years since taking on the bakery, especially during the pandemic. Lisa explains that it was a huge adjustment transitioning from being employed to self employed and owning her own business, she talks about how “you just can’t switch off”, and “not wanting to let anyone down”. Just as we were discussing this, one of the girls who works in the shop shouts up stairs and asks if there are any gluten free cakes left, I can see the disappointment in Lisa’s eyes as she knows there isn’t and that she has to let someone down, again showing that caring approach to each of her customers. We then both laugh about how running a business is nothing like a nine to five, more live a twenty four seven, but how this is the best move she has ever made!

Any advice to someone starting out in business?

Coming from a different sector Lisa explains how you need to learn as much as you can about the industry you are going into, the more information you have about every single thing, the more you can get right. Lisa has also talked a lot about her staff team and how finding and investing in the right staff is so important, and how she is so lucky to have the team that she does. Lisa isn’t wrong, you will always be met with a smile when you go into the shop, and there is nothing that they won’t do for you.

Baglan bakery sits at the heart of the community, and if you are looking to cater for a small informal gathering, a special occasion or a formal business meeting, Baglan bakery will not disappoint!

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