Flowers that make you smile – Bows Flowers & Gifts

I had the pleasure of meeting with Laura from Bows Flowers & Gifts again today to discuss her wonderful flowers, plants and her special gifts. Laura is based in Taibach in Port Talbot, and as I walk around to the rear of the premises where her entrance is, you can’t help but think you are entering some special hidden Aladdin’s cave, and she doesn’t disappoint.

As I walk through the door, I’m immediately surrounded by flowers as well as the variety of wrappings and decorative accessories that all add to her unique style and approach. Laura is also passionate about sustainability and looks to use recycled materials where ever possible and rarely uses any form of plastic….. another reason why we are so excited to work with Laura.

Laura is the type of person who immediately brings a smile to your face, and that is before she has even given you any flowers! We kicked off our chat with some quick fire questions, which also made me laugh!

Cats or dogs? – Cats

Summer or Winter? – Winter

Tea or Coffee? – Doesn’t drink either! (I don’t know whether to trust her or make her a cuppa, ha!)

Red Sauce or Brown Sauce? – Red Sauce

Chinese food or Indian Food? – Chinese (she surprised herself as she actually prefers India food! Haha!)

Clubbing or Wine Bar? – (slight pause then…..) Clubbing

We finish the quick fire round by having a giggle over the fact none of us has the time to go clubbing as we both now have kids and a big event at the moment is the school run!


Laura has two boys, been married for seven years, but I get the impression that the most important family member is Saffi, the family dog (the only family member she checked the spelling for, hahahaha). After only spending five minutes with Laura it’s obvious to see how much care and passion she has for her business and especially putting smiles on peoples faces. We have a mutual friend that Laura had just supplied the wedding flowers for, and because of Covid restrictions, she wasn’t able to accompany the flowers to the event, but her attention to detail and need for control soon stepped in giving sprays to keep things moist as well as instructions of how to present them. Her level of care and warmth for her products and customers will blow you away.

We then move on to how Laura thought it would be a good idea to start a floristry business, and its’ amazing to hear the experience Laura has within the flower business. Laura has worked in numerous florists in Swansea, Neath and eventually making her way back to Port Talbot, and then one day she had an epiphany that if she doesn’t go it alone now….. she never will! She approached a local florist who was nearing retirement, and before she knew it she had agreed to take over the business and she had started her journey.

People think that if you own your own business you can go on holiday when you like and you have lots of money, and time all of a sudden becomes your own…….. the complete opposite couldn’t be more true in most cases. As Laura laughs about, after she sorts dinner for the kids and bath time is done and they are in bed, she can then come back to the shop to carry on working and prepping for the next day. This is normal for most business owners, but Laura still has a real spark of enthusiasm about her when speaking about her business and not letting her customers down.

If you are looking for flowers and gifts that are chosen with real passion and care, then Laura and her local independent business will definitely be able to help. Take five minutes to have a look what they have on offer with us and get clicking for your next special occasion or gift for that unique someone.

Go on, let everyone know, “I’ve Gone Local dot com”.