Home is where the heart is – Home by Holly

I have been trying to meet Holly for a couple of weeks now, but because of Holly’s busy schedule our calendars were hard to align, but after speaking to Holly on the phone, I could not wait to meet the ball of energy on the other side of it. She was so excited at the prospect of joining us on our journey, and I was equally as excited to hopefully become part of hers. We managed to find a slot to meet for a chat and a cuppa at a local coffee shop and I was so glad that we did. Some of these meetings have been like blind dates, as after messaging and speaking on the phone, you feel like you kind of know the person a little, but then very quickly remember you have never seen them and have no idea how you will seek them out in a busy coffee shop! Luckily Holly was far more prepared than me, and sent me a message saying that, I’m the one at the back with newly painted orange nails”, again I knew we would hit it off!

I made my way to the back of the shop, and as promised, I spotted the nails before the face! Holly is so passionate about what she does, and has such a care for her customers and products I felt like asking if there were any jobs going. We very quickly got down to the nitty gritty of the meeting, and of course started with the serious quick fire questions…….

Cats or dogs? Dogs

Heels or flats? Flats

Smart or casual?  Casual

Wine or cocktails?  Wine

Restaurant or takeaway? Restaurant

Saturday nights or Sunday mornings? Saturday Nights

Holly has been together with her partner Adam since 2017 and despite her relentless specific hints about buying a ring (a yellow diamond canary one) and walking him through her life plan, he still seems a little bit slow off the mark. Come on, put the girl out of her misery! Joking aside, Holly has such a positive attitude towards everything.


Why did you start the business?

Holly always wanted to start a business and have a shop. She told me of how she wants to be that person behind the counter holding the coffee – not working in an office. We got on to the subject of how she actually ripped the plaster off and went for it, and believe it or not, Holly quite simply can’t even remember how it happened, she said she must have just registered one day. whether it was lack of confidence or something else, Holly didn’t tell anyone for ages, personally I think it is her attention to detail and quest for perfection before letting the cat out of the bag! Holly then told me of how she found an accountant and then it all became very real! This proves how relaxed Holly was about it all, as she didn’t even plan to call it “Home by Holly, “It was gonna be called ……. A welsh name, HB interiors… we played around with some names and this is the one that stuck!”

What are your aspirations for the business?

1!00% want a shop – I can see it in my head, I can see the till and me there with a cuppa, want it to grow”. What comes across more than anything, is how Holly makes you feel at home (excuse the pun) and she is so welcoming. I can definitely see her behind her own counter making people smile.

What is the worst mistake you have ever made?

“Oh my god! I’ve had a few pricing mishaps. Bought stuff and then sold it for less as I’m not very good at maths. I’ve done that more than once! Make sure I triple check!!!!”

Any advice to someone starting out in business?

“Have a clear strategy of what you want to achieve in the first year, six months? I just knew I wanted a website, then things just started selling and escalated…. I hadn’t planned ahead. Set yourself different milestones. Make sure you are compliant…… I knew I shouldn’t be trusted doing accounts for example, so I got an accountant! Do your home work, speak to people who have been there and done it!” Sound advice!

If you are looking for unique trinkets or gifts for someone special, Holly will truly help you make any house a home

Go on, let everyone know, “I’ve Gone Local dot com”.