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Today I met Emma and Jamie from Lush and Tidy. I was already a customer of theirs as I was trawling the internet one night and came across them by accident, and I treated my wife to some of their awesome products. My wife received some lovely gifts and I received some brownie points, I’d say that was a win win! 

I met them both at their unit, and as I walked through the corridors passing doors of other businesses to meet them, I hoped they would list their homely welsh products with us as I was excited to be on this journey with them. I knocked on their door and was met with a smile from the husband and wife team. As I walked through to their office I passed shelves bursting full of personalised cushions, Welsh inspired water jugs and coasters with welsh ladies on them, to name but a few. 

As I sat down, two faces stared back at me with a familiar look filled with excitement, hard work and lack of sleep. These are two people who have thrown themselves into their new venture and failure is not an option. The passion and positivity about their local business was bouncing towards me and I was excited to hopefully play a small part in making it work for them. 

We kicked off with a serious couple of quick fire questions to get to know some important facts about them!

Cats or Dogs? – Dogs

Summer or Winter? – Summer

Tea or Coffee – Coffee

Red sauce or Brown Sauce? Red Sauce

Chinese food or Indian food? Indian food

Clubbing or Wine Bar – Wine bar (Although I can definitely sense a party girl within Emma)

"Jamie decided....I'm gonna work for myself... Lush & Tidy was born!"

Emma and Jamie have three kids, a dog and a cat, and I’m sure each of them is of equal importance in their tight knit family. They have been married for five years but together for sixteen, and their solidarity in what they are trying to build is great to see. 

We talked about how the business came about, and they tell me of how Jamie was made redundant during lockdown from a job he really loved, but how they didn’t hang about wallowing about what could have been, but moved forward quickly. They came up with a name, decided on a launch date, opened a shopify account and didn’t even know what they were going to sell, but they weren’t going to let little details like that get in the way! 

They talked about how they always wanted to start something themselves, about how starting a local business, something that they built from the ground up and Jamie decided…… I’m gonna work for myself! Lush and Tidy was born!

They said that lock down was crazy for them. They launched the business in November of 2020 and the local community truly embraced their business and shopping local with them. If you are looking for Welsh products to fill your home with from doorstops to slate signs, and aprons to daffodil inspired water jugs, Lush and Tidy is the place for you. 

Look out for more updates about Lush and Tidy!

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